What is it?

LabView_DSPConceptsBuilder is a collection of LabVIEW programs (see screenshots below) I wrote back in 2004 to illustrate basic concepts of Digital Signal Processing. There are around 35 programs explaining the following concepts:

Time domain

Function , , Periodicity of discrete, Real exponential, Complex Exponential, Moving Average, Accumulator, Causal delay, Linear system, Linear, Conv bet two (convolution between two impulses), Circular, Signal operation in Time

Sampling & Aliasing concepts

Periodic Sampling-Baseband, Periodic Sampling-Bandpass

Fourier Transform

Approx. of a real signal in terms of another real, Fourier series rep of Periodic, Fourier Transform of Periodic

FFT and Power spectrum concepts

FFT_conventional, FFT and, Duality, Centering of spec by mul wid neg_one power, Frequency Spectrum of two, DFT, power spectrum of, spectral, inverse FFT of one sided vs two sided, Parseval’s Relation for, DFT based implementation of linear, Divided, limitations of

Windowing and spectral leakage

Spectral Leakage & window, Window, Window, windowed and unwindowed,

In addition to the above virtual instruments, there are around 26 virtual instruments in the “usr_lib” directory which are internally used by the above VIs.

Note on usage:

When you try to open some of the virtual instruments for the first time, they will not be able to find the “usr_lib” directory, as the virtual instruments stores the absolute path address to the libraries. Please point to the appropriate vi in the “usr_lib” directory. Also, please feel free to modify and use the code as you like.


Linear Systems Property


MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file (distributed along with the code) for details.


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