eigshow in Python

Few days back I was playing with the eigshow demo in Matlab. It is a pretty useful demonstration of eigenvalue and singular value problems for 2 by 2 matrices. A good description of the eigshow demo in Matlab is here. I was a little surprised not to find an “eigshow” implementation in my favorite computing language — Python. So I thought it might be a good idea to write my own, and here is the result.

The figure below shows the basic structure of the program which is somewhat similar to Matlab’s eigshow. There are some differences too, such as it displays the eigenvalues and eigenvectors in the eigen mode, and the singular values and singular vectors in the SVD mode. The program also displays the rank, trace, and determinant along with the matrix. It also gives a visible warning if the eigen/singular values and/or vectors are complex (as it can only plots the real values and vectors).




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