Hello world (This is really my very first post)

[This is a re-post of my thoughts from an earlier blog (Photographytalk.wordpress.com), dated 2009/02/04]

"Network of Veins"


Hi, after a lot of wait, I finally put my foot forward to blogging. Here, I want to post about one of my most favourite topic of interest — Photography. I shall try to be as regular as possible and I will try to post almost anything and everything about the aspects of photography that interests me. Today’s post is mostly a “test” post while I try to get a feeling of blogging (feeling shy to say that I am getting into this so late).

So, here is my photo of the day.  It is a photograph of a barren tree on a cold, cloudy winter afternoon. To me it looked like a network of veins. I love the order in chaos.


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