Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

"Engulfed in blue"

Cloud engulfed in blues

Humans have covered the face of the earth with deep concrete forests in the name of modernization and advancement. Once there used to be green trees everywhere I looked below while floating miles and miles across the great plains, mountains, and rivers. Nature used mostly organic forms on structures and engravings on the surface of the earth — very similar to my own form (when I have one!), and I felt happy as I could relate their shape to my own. Now I see regular geometric patterns — circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids everywhere I look. I feel sad; I feel lost; I feel lonely. I don’t seem to belong here. I feel blue!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused


Two friends sharing a ride.

I was waiting patiently for something interesting to happen on the street, looking through the viewfinder of my camera while squatting on the small staircase on the rooftop of my home in Kolkata. It was a summer afternoon and the heat had ensured that most humans were inside their adobe, leaving the streets empty. After a long wait, I finally saw two boys (friends I assume) approaching on a bicycle. Although the subject was not very interesting, I almost felt like I hit upon an oasis after the long wait, prompting me to immediately visualize the scene in a very idyllic setting — I didn’t care about the details any more, all I wanted was to capture the feeling. I felt that the best way to capture the feeling at that moment was to move away from a sharp photograph. I reduced the shutter speed and shook the camera just a little to get the impressionistic effect.

The Left fist

[This is a re-post of my entry from an earlier blog (Photographytalk.wordpress.com), dated 2009/02/08]

"Red Fist"

Pepper have the form of human fist.

I found this pepper in a vegetable market. It immediately caught my attention because of its weird resemblance to a human fist. Interestingly this red pepper portrays a left fist evocating the feelings of socialism and communism (Please note that I do not profess any political agenda here).

Hello world (This is really my very first post)

[This is a re-post of my thoughts from an earlier blog (Photographytalk.wordpress.com), dated 2009/02/04]

"Network of Veins"


Hi, after a lot of wait, I finally put my foot forward to blogging. Here, I want to post about one of my most favourite topic of interest — Photography. I shall try to be as regular as possible and I will try to post almost anything and everything about the aspects of photography that interests me. Today’s post is mostly a “test” post while I try to get a feeling of blogging (feeling shy to say that I am getting into this so late).

So, here is my photo of the day.  It is a photograph of a barren tree on a cold, cloudy winter afternoon. To me it looked like a network of veins. I love the order in chaos.