Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

"Engulfed in blue"

Cloud engulfed in blues

Humans have covered the face of the earth with deep concrete forests in the name of modernization and advancement. Once there used to be green trees everywhere I looked below while floating miles and miles across the great plains, mountains, and rivers. Nature used mostly organic forms on structures and engravings on the surface of the earth — very similar to my own form (when I have one!), and I felt happy as I could relate their shape to my own. Now I see regular geometric patterns — circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids everywhere I look. I feel sad; I feel lost; I feel lonely. I don’t seem to belong here. I feel blue!

The Left fist

[This is a re-post of my entry from an earlier blog (Photographytalk.wordpress.com), dated 2009/02/08]

"Red Fist"

Pepper have the form of human fist.

I found this pepper in a vegetable market. It immediately caught my attention because of its weird resemblance to a human fist. Interestingly this red pepper portrays a left fist evocating the feelings of socialism and communism (Please note that I do not profess any political agenda here).